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  lxyalmarquis messaged:
//tosses pretzels at u

     ”…I don’t mind if you throw food…
       but don’t throw it at me, Marquis.”

  lxyalmarquis messaged:
//feeds u pretzels

ur perf bae



DATING TIP: Hold the door for your date. Rip the door off its hinges. Use the door as a weapon to fight off other men. Establish dominance.

  Anonymous messaged:
Is it okya to ask why does Three sometimes throw Latin into her speech?

why wouldn’t Three incorporate a pretentious dead language into her speech when it suits the context?

online, but prioritizing working on icons for giveaway winners. Then hopefully if nothing on the data center floor needs babysitting I can start building the foundation of themes and stuff. If I find a good meme I’ll be doing those while at work I think.

On that note, I haven’t been contacted by one of them. If I don’t get word from them tonight I will be re-generating the winning number for 3rd Place, so stay tuned folks

but wOW my Three muse is really fussy rn don’t talk to her


    At first he honestly believed she would join his little banter game. The fact that she was quite upset with him over something so small as a kiss brought him more amusement than initially planned.

    As her fingers moved in-between their lips so that she traced his lips before moving slightly to trace her own. His grasp on her hip tightened and he pulled her closer bringing her back to where she was. The toxic rush of being able to irritate her at present was too sinful to pass up. However he knew he couldn’t push her buttons for long, lest she truly become irate with him.

    Besides, she wasn’t the only one who longed for the other’s lips.

        ”I would do you no good if I were a lesser man now would I?”


    The hand placed on his own hip moved to lightly grasp the fingers at his lips. He moved them away casually before leaning in finally allowing her what she pined over so. His lips met hers, lightly at first pecking at her soft lips before moving in a second time with vigor. His arm that had nestled itself in the small of her back pushed her body closer to his, an effort to add a bit more passion to his actions.
    His lips danced with hers, his want for her growing obviously more hungry by the passing second. However there would be a time later to allow such pleasures bloom to fruition, and that time was not now. His lips parted from hers, warm breaths escaping from him, as he then moved his mouth to her ear for a few words in a slightly panted whisper for her to hear.

                                                    “Nine minutes, thirty-seven seconds.”

    Some amount of patience was restored to the songstress as her Disciple at last indulged her desires. She returned the kiss in kind, and in equal fervor.
     But he was still reigning himself in for the sake of playfully getting under her skin.
     She could tell.
     He made it obvious that he wanted her to tell.

     It was the obligation of an Apostle to tend to his Lady’s needs and desires. And an Intoner’s intimate needs under no circumstances could be quelled in a mere nine minutes; nor the original twenty for that matter. 
     But the impulse driving Three’s actions now; the impulse that called for such instant gratification - it wasn’t mere lustful whim. An Intoner’s needs were various and beyond just the sexual, and one the Third found herself yearning for as of late was companionship — affection and its self-affirmation. The Marquis was able to sate those needs, and he didn’t need nine minutes to do it.

                                           And he was going to indulge them again.

     She felt his breath on her ear. Against her neck. Within the split second that he had finished speaking she moved to recapture his lips with her own. No words, no warning. It was chaste, but it was slow and thorough.  Only when she would pull away would she speak again, her lips remaining tantalizingly close to his. 

     ”This unyielding strength of will, Marquis…
                                                            —Abandon it.”


     ”You can reclaim it in eight minutes…and twelve seconds.”


    She had a point. 

     Perhaps her worrying was merely paranoia? Five had never been self conscious like this before, so it was all new to her. Caring for another person before yourself — that was not your kin — was outside of Five’s experiences for certain. 

   Oh, but most certainly she cared for the people she ruled, but it wasn’t the same.
        This wasn’t the same. 


     ”Oh sister… you always know the right thing to say to me to calm my thoughts. 
        It’s all so simple and here I am, blubbering like a child. I’m better than this!”

     ”Alternatively…you could just let him be on top.”

     ”It’s actually kind of nice.”


                 ”…I’m just concerned with… this thing happened with Mengde.” 


   ”I’ve had my fair share of men, but I’ve never really considered that I hurt many of them during our… nightly activities. And now that… things are getting more intense between him and I…” 


                “…I don’t wish to hurt him. I want it to be good. Not.. dangerous.”

     ”…—abusus non tollit usum.

     ”Or, rather, ‘that which is misused can still be used correctly’.
      If you wish not to hurt him, then be mindful of what he is — of what you are.
      Even an inherently sexual Intoner is capable of not touching a lover carelessly.”



       ”Three, how did you not kill Dun during ********?”

    “…I reigned in my own fervor because he is a human, not a Disciple.
                                                                   Sometimes I let him do the work.”

     ”This is an…off-handed question, Five.”