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'Oh! You're three! Zero's sister!' Cue the year old dragon smiling at the third and also might be insane intoner. 'Did I disturb you?! I'm sorry if I did!'

⊰ ✄ ⊱                  am.
                               And you are Zero’s dragon friend…”

               She observed the dragon, her head tilted. Then she blinked.
               Was he not hostile?

                             “Assuming that you don’t intend to eat me,
                              no. You are not particularly disturbing me.”

✄--{ imperialturncoat

⊰ ✄ ⊱ er hair reminded Three of her younger sister. At least, to some degree.
              Not quite as thick. Not graced with quite as much curl and wave.
              But it was pretty.



              However, it would take more than a brief catch of attention to distract the
              songstress from the fact she had no idea where she had up and found
              herself. Three had a way of wandering, it seemed. The reasonable course
              of action would be to ask where she was — what this place was.

              But she didn’t speak.

              Idly she stood, her weight shifting from one side to the other. Like she
              preferred to be held up and swayed by the breeze than hold herself up. 

❝You swallowed everything, like distance. Like the sea, like time. In you everything sank.❞
Pablo Neruda (via splitterherzen)

(Source: teenager90s)

✄--{ secondsent 

⊰ ✄ ⊱ t was beyond the Third as to what business the Disciple of the Second had. Due to the very nature of Apostles, it was rare for them to meet with a Lady that was not their own — especially without the company of their respective Intoner. Three wouldn’t assume he had business to take up with her specifically — it was just as likely that this was a chance encounter.

    But, either-or…


                              You are Two’s Disciple, yes?”

✄--{ flutistplayer

⊰ ✄ ⊱               ing around the rosie,
                             pocket full of posies

    Along and on she wandered, the odd twig snapping under an armored shoe. A haphazard stride that was yet carried with such eloquence that Three’s heel didn’t sink into the dirt upon which it walked.

    Then, she stepped on something else. It rolled under her boot, nearly causing her to trip. It certainly wasn’t another twig. Testingly, she rolled it another couple times before eventually kneeling down to pick it up.  It was some sort of instrument — a woodwind.
    For a so-called Goddess of Song, she didn’t seem very concerned with the notion of music beyond the weapon that was her voice. Nevertheless, she had to assume it was a flute.

   She didn’t want it.

    A brief gander about the area and her eye was caught by a nearby figure; that of a young girl’s, back facing the Intoner. There was only Three and the other silhouette. Process of elimination would imply this instrument belonged to the other. A sigh escaped her, as if this was somehow laborious, and she ambled over to the stranger. She tapped her shoulder.


                             “You dropped this.”

hey I just met u
and this is crazy
but apparently I need more than 14 drafts
so like this for a banter/starter maybe

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you know Three has an in-game dialogue where she asks what color the fireworks of hope are and while I’ve worked out most of her weird metaphors… I still haven’t figured that one out

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❝ — Zero? Now, is that really the best rating I get? ❞

The sarcastic tone of his voice was somewhat muffled due to his lingering carefree physique, which typically made him appear daft. 

It was only the first of many misconceptions to come.

❝ — Call me Dante.

Or, whatever pet name that comes to mind. ❞


⊰ ✄ ⊱ acetiousness and flippancy had a way of going over Three’s head. 
             That, or perhaps she simply didn’t humor them as her mindset was one that took any and all things literally. But it seemed, at the very least, that she had understood the quip, only to quickly disregard it.

                             “Zero is the name of my eldest sister.”
                       A rather blatant remark, stated matter-of-factly.

    She had commented on the resemblance of their hair color, but it seemed the similarities stopped there. This man was nothing like the traitorous sister. Or at least, not at first glance. 

                                 I feel that you are not human.
                                 You seem slightly different from the humans I research.
                                                                             …yet you are not like me, either.”