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everything about u is perf paps ur cheeks ❤️❤️

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               ` I dunno, Three, it just makes me so sad.
                 I mean, why would someone do that kind
                 of thing? It makes no sense. It’s
terrible! `

     It wasn’t anything that she, or the rest
     of her sisters, haven’t dealt with—but
     was there fault in Two for easily being
     the most upset? Chewing on the inner
     flesh of her cheek, Two clutched the
     fabric of the velveteen pillow closer to
     her, eyes downcast.

          She’d never get the image out of her
          head—or, at least, not for a while. Its
          scent had been stifling, overwhelming.
          As was the overabundance of flayed
          flesh and limbs asunder, faces too
          young and eyes calm—some closed,
          others watching till the end—, as if
          accepting of the terrible fate ahead.

          It was a large family, butchered and
          torn to pieces, but not by her hands.
          Why did she have to come across
          something as awful as that —? Why
          did those kinds of things happen?

     Regardless, it was Three who Two
     decided to confide in, indulging her
     time with familial bonds in whatever
     sparse free time she had—all aside
     from sticking to Cents side like glue.


     At first, Three simply sat and listened.
     She wasn’t sure if she was a good listener, but here she was.
     Perhaps she was -  she didn’t talk much to interrupt.

     There on the bed by Two’s side she sat, some sort of stuffed toy in one hand and a needle and thread in the other. 
     Two spoke as Three listened and sewed. Not once did the latter’s gaze leave the doll of which she stitched away at, making it difficult to ascertain whether or not she was listening to her sister’s words.

     She began, her eyes still fixed on her project.

     ”One who seeks to protect everything…
                                        protects nothing.”

     A brief pause.


     ”…Instead of wondering about tragedies you couldn’t control…
        Perhaps your time would be better spent working
       with what’s within your power to protect what you can?”



    Joyfully the third eldest Intoner spun around her lethargic sister, in by far a more social-able mood compared to the one just weeks previous. 

                        “Three… it’s so fast! Oh geez! Oh geez!
                                            Hahaha! I might… puke! 
                                                  I MIGHT PUKE, YA KNOW?!

     Two was certainly prone to mood swings of rather extreme degrees. Three stood there idly in stark contrast to the other Intoner’s dancing frame, leisurely swaying lightly from side to side. Her gaze followed her sister whenever she’d spin by in front of her - Two wouldn’t be the only one to lose her previous meal at this rate.

     ”Yes…I’m inclined to agree with that last part.”

     She wasn’t sure if Two had heard her. Lavender locks of hair flew gently around her face, propelled by the small bursts of air her elder sister’s movements conjured.


     She was more talkative, that much was certain.
          But it felt far from natural.
                  It still wasn’t right.
                      It still wasn’t Two.

             Her tone was suddenly one of assertion, a hand abruptly extending out to take hold of the other’s wrist and stop her spinning. Despite her actions, Three wouldn’t look at her sister; her stare stayed on the ground in front of her as if there was something interesting about it.


     ”Two…are you alright?”

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♥:❥❣❦❧✽✿❁✤: basically everything ok goodbye smooches ur head i love you

      “…Zero can’t be this cute.”

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☄ everything everything

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♥ ❥ ✿

Tell me what you like BEST about my writing!

♡: Your narration
♥: Your dialogue
❥: Your internal monologues (thoughts)
❣: Your descriptions
❦: Your details
❧: Your plots
✽: Your ideas
✿: Your characterization
❁: There's good sentence variation!
✤: Your figurative language
❋: Your use of side characters
☆: Your understandably
☄: WILDCARD! Other: ______

Or maybe I’m already dead,
and this is one of those flowers
that’s supposed to grow in Paradise.
No…..—Heaven won’t have anything to do with me.”

                        "THIS  SILENCE  IS  MINE.

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  • capable of novella, para, long or short, matching length and partner’s pace. 

  • understanding of time constraints and patient with those i’m threading with. 

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  • full of selective themes so view at your own risk. 

  • blog is not spoiler free.

  • has 13+ years of roleplaying experience.

  • drama-free; mun is a fairly laid back individual most of the time.

  • can play au’s, welcomes crossovers and ocs, alternately, i am capable of playing either of the four branches if you so wish.

  • graphic was made by messerah, i do not claim credit.

  • while muse is hardly friendly by a long-shot, the mun is and enjoys interacting with all sorts of characters! my inbox is always welcome! :

  • insert some loud profanity and violence here.

"i started this,
i might as well 



    He couldn’t help but find her continued horrid posture as she moved odd. Surely she can’t be so pressed as to stand straight? Or was it a ingrained habit by now? The more he began to try and make any sense of her as she trotted next to him made his temple pulse, in no time he’d give himself a headache so he let the internal subject drop.

    Her excitement was obvious, she dismissed a far more proper conversation as soon as she started it and he wondered if he should explain. The One-Eyed couldn’t fully explain how he came to know of the Intoners in the first place. The talk of ‘goddesses’ appearing near the western borders had begun recently. Higher ups loved gossip so it was up their alley to talk about such ‘mystifying sightings’ and as he was an unfortunate party to a number of those higher-up gatherings, he was privy to such knowledge. Xiahou Dun always listened, never spoke. If he needed to speak it was to be something that had to be said, and usually no one needs to hear anything of great importance in a room of people who flash their newly acquired titles and rank as if they were truly important.

    While the information he heard from such gatherings was basic, he learned more from his men. They spoke of odd beautiful women appearing right before a misfortune. That’s when he first heard the term ‘Intoner’ and that’s when he learned details such as how they acted or even looked like. The Marquis had once mentioned it to Mengde and Miaocai, both which shrugged off the subject. Although his Brother seemed more inclined to humor him before returning to talk of his sons.

    The whole subject was more of a chat to pass the time, he never really thought he’d meet an Intoner. Life is funny that way sometimes.


        ”Usually to defend a base. However I have seen some that are used to invade other areas nearby. But those are slow and never really last long as they are easily destroyed. Their creator I’m sure doesn’t have proper materials for building them.” As proud as Yueying was of them, you’d think different at least. “The one we took with us has its wheels broken, some of our strongest men carried it back as Lord Sima Yi was quite intent on recreating them.
                                                                        Until he got bored that is.”

     "Bored…with a doll?
                       This 'Sima Yi' is asinine.”


     She certainly didn’t seem to care about the implied social standing of whomever she had just insulted.  Even if she did, it was all the same to her. A human ‘Lord’ would not deter a Goddess of Song. 

     The rest of the short walk was carried out in silence, save for a small handful of giggles and quiet utterances of "tiger doll~" Three had failed to suppress. As soon as what she could only assume was the storehouse in question was in sight, her pace quickened as she practically skipped by her escort and let herself inside.
     And there it was. The “Tiger Doll” she had seen from a distance while wandering about west of this place. Large and impressive looking, covered in gold. It certainly looked like it deserved the name of ‘Juggernaut’.
                                      But there was more to a good doll than how it looked.

     Promptly and without hesitation, she approached the ‘Juggernaut’. The claw of her gauntlet racked lightly against its surface, and the songstress suddenly found herself displeased with something. 
                —It sounded like it was made of wood. 

     As if to confirm her assumption, she removed her gauntlets and carelessly tossed them aside. They landed with a metallic ‘clank’ as they bounced off the wall and hit the floor. Again she extended a hand to examine the surface of this ‘Juggernaut’, but her unimpressed disposition didn’t change. If anything, it got worse. This was undoubtedly wood. There was gold plating in some places, and that just seemed to irritate her more. She looked back over her shoulder, hearing the footsteps of the Marquis as he entered. 

     "…It’s overall impressive for being man-made, I suppose." she began.
                               ”but…” a silent, deep breath.

     "Whoever made this doll was too concerned with making it look intimidating.
      I can tell just by looking at it that it’s much slower than it ought to be.
      Its mobility is undermined by the added weight from the extra decor.
If used properly, wood is an acceptable material but there is an excess here.”

     She climbed up over the tiger’s head, standing on its neck and noting the compartment that appeared to be meant to hold a person. Was it to operate the doll? How odd. Her dolls didn’t need such a thing…

     "It seems to be able to support the weight of a few humans. That’s good at least."

     She leaned over into the ‘operational compartment’, one hand tinkering with the various levers and machinations as her free hand positioned itself at the tiger’s mouth to support her shift in weight. 
     Her curiosity, however, backfired. Quite literally.
     The pulling of one switch and suddenly her hand was burnt as a burst of flame shot out from the mouth on which it was rested. Three was quick to react, undoing whatever it is she had done and quelling the fire before it did any actual harm. 
     She looked down at her hand.
     Then to the ‘tiger doll’. Then her hand again.



          Oh Marquis did you see that?! —The tiger doll breathes fire!”

     She jumped down from the Juggernaut, her gaze on her injured hand with a strange look of delight writ upon her face. Her giggling continued as she approached the one-eyed commander.

     "Oh, how wonderful, Marquis! It’s truly impressive for a toy made by humans.

     Her expression reverted back to that look of unimpression, although her amusement still stayed quite obvious.

     ”It takes more than one or two redeeming qualities to make a good doll.
           Your 'Lord Sima Yi' is not only asinine for being bored with dolls, 
                          he’s even moreso for thinking this ‘Juggernaut’ is worth replicating.”