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✄—Name one thing you really enjoy about how I portray my character.

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Boss of My Own Fate - a theme for the-sassy-dragon

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  Anonymous messaged:
If Three could have ended up with another of the four apostles of her choice, who would she have?

          “Octa is not a bad Disciple, but his antics bore me.
           Endymion is handsome, but ultimately ill-suited to me.”

          “…That leaves Four or Five’s.
           Five’s would probably test my patience the least, given his personality…
           —but a powerful, masochistic man in servitude to someone like me
                                                                                       It’s an entertaining notion.”  


  “Monsters, huh? Well, I suppose you can do something good with them, am I wrong?”

 The sudden change in her voice wasn’t intentional, but she couldn’t control her thoughts properly.  Monsters were so disgusting, they should just die, Four thought. But if they were necessary, then maybe she could just let this one pass. The curiosity to see what her older sister was capable of was greater than her wish to kill all of them.

  It wasn’t like they had anything to lose. Even if the material went to waste due to Three’s failures in experiments, there would still be a profit. Like the third said, it was like removing wilted flowers from a garden so it wouldn’t matter if these flowers went to the garbage or not. 

  “But I will make an exception. I cannot wait to see what awaits them… And by that, I mean that I’ll be present at your experiments if that’s fine by you.”


Of course it wasn’t because she wanted to see it, right? Her facade was almost compromised in that last sentence, but deep down she knew Three was aware of what was going on.


  “Oh… But it’s only because I don’t want to see all of our work wasted, it would be a shame to dirty my hands for nothing… Right?”

               ”Yes…of course.”

     Three was never one to turn down a request to observe her dolls and their creation. Not that such requests were made often. The act of experimentation and mutation was not for the squeamish, nor for the weak-hearted.
     Yet here was her younger sister, asking to be present for the process.
     Perhaps her nature was of a darker sort than she let on.

     The Third let out a quiet yawn, turning partway to face south. 

               ”The Lost Forest is south of here.
                The fog is thick, but I’ve placed statues in the area.
                They have lamps. It’s easier to navigate that way.
                We can leave now… or perhaps you would rather
                rest first after journeying from your mountains.

               ”I don’t mind either way.”

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Title: Song of the Ancients (Fate)
Artist: Keiichi Okabe
Album: NieR Gestalt & RepliCant Original Soundtrack



        ”Is my behavior that unlike me to cause suspicion?”

          “Suspicious, no.
           Unlike you, yes.”

          “Not that it’s a big deal.”

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