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     ”If he stops liking you because of me, I’ll kill him~ Does that make it better?”


                                      loud sighing

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I… might be. …. might not be. …… … yes I totes am


       ”You’re…going to make him dislike me through association at this rate.”

     Knocking on the door seemed like something of a formality. Three was quite certain that the eldest of the Intoner 5 was already well aware of her presence. One was perceptive as it was, but even without such, the clapping of Three’s heels against the stone floor of the cathedral surely had reached her ears. 
     Regardless, she would be scolded for ‘poor manners’ if she didn’t knock, she was sure. She had already wandered off to some foreign land for a fairly extended amount of time without prior notice as it was. The violet songstress hardly desired to be scolded for not knocking on top of that.

     With a sigh, she curled an armored forefinger and quietly tapped the door with her knuckle.


     ”Are you free? I have…a report to make.”

✄—Doll || Three and Cao Ang


          ♛ — The guest of hers seemed to have taken the offer a bit too well, to the point that she, by now, was lying on the couch instead of sitting, twisting her frame lightly in order to adjust herself for a perfect resting position. Ah, perhaps she should have placed her limits when she offered the lady to the couch, but it was too late now, and Cao Ang highly doubted that Three would even listen to her words at this state.

          “..I suppose it is quite…fruity-tasting. I don’t really drink anything not so fruity-tasting.” 

           Although it was uncommon for sweet tea to be brewed within the Land of Han due to the fact that it wasn’t well-known to begin with, the host of this chambers was a lover of sweet things, tea included. Everyday she was provided with tea brewed from leaves of Chinese Blackberry, which contained natural sweetener within themselves already. Although its aroma wasn’t as great as natural green tea, its taste was undoubtedly wonderful — not to mention that they are good for health as well.

           But they’re so rare to the northerners, and finding them has always become such a pain to her maids….Not that it matters to her that much though.

          Regardless, she wandered over to the table located within the middle of the room, slender fingers reached out to take a hold of the teapot and gently poured its content into the small cup beside it. Three’s next remark that paused her for a moment though, causing Cao Ang to look up at the intoner with a curious stare. Of all the comparisons that she could make…Why does it have to be a doll? Strange.


        “Thank you..You look like…a doll too.” 

     ”Ah…you think so…?”
     The Intoner seemed to take her words as a compliment, evident in the slightly brighter tone in her voice.
                                           ”Good…I like dolls…”

     She watched the tea slowly cascade into the small cup, vacancy in her stare. This woman had a certain perfection to her poise and body language; her movements in pouring the drink were smooth and precise - was this an inherent quality or a result of her upbringing? 

                          How wonderful it would be if it were the former
                                                        —then she’d truly be like a living doll.
     Three found herself interested in this ‘doll’ - likely simply because of how she looked. She looked like a doll, carried herself with grace and perfection like a an equally perfect doll — why, it was almost like speaking to Armisael…except this woman could communicate and respond to her, unlike her Angel.


     ”Doll…what is your function here?

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omg vivi aoiwehgawe tbh i wanna nap rn i feel

It’s always been bewteen 1pm and 3pm that I end up nodding off too so like


at least I’m consistent


            “You’re here, but he’s not here….
       And Octa isn’t here either, but you are and… I am.”


   ”So what does that mean? Does that mean they left us, Three? 
        Does that mean we’re boring now?
             Does that mean I’m boring nowandCentwon’tcomeback?!”

    In her panic Two threw her arms in the air, reaching for her soft curls and yanking on them, hard enough to only pull chunks of her own hair right from her skull. Yet, in this mayhem she did relax — no, no her prince was perfect in every way. He’d never leave her. 

                         If he left, she’d have to hunt him down, after all~

    “Three… do you want to…
                Save Octa? We could… save him!”

   Such an ominous request, one that didn’t at all sound like she intended to ‘save’ anyone, but in fact, exact a vengeance that would save themselves — of anger, of hurt, of pain. It was saving all the same —- right?

     Two’s words were mildly concerning. Even enigmatic Three couldn’t fully discern what she was trying to imply with such a suggestion.
     But she surely did not mean “save” in the conventional sense.

     ”…I don’t have the same bond with my disciple as you do yours, Two. 
                                                       I don’t feel the need to ‘save’ him…”

     A simple response as Three stepped closer to the elder, coming up side-by-side with her albeit facing the opposite direction. She turned her head marginally, tilting it to the side with uneasy curiosity in her stare as she peered at her sister.


     ”…why do you suppose Octa needs saving?
                       And…does your apostle also require rescuing?”